λampsea™ (Greek for “glitter,” pronounced “lamp-sea”) is a pure Greek company established in June 2013 by its initiator and inventor, John Zagoras. The company specializes in the manufacture of high-powered, underwater LED spotlights. The products, which are developed and designed in-house, are available globally at competitive prices. They are creations of exceptional quality, style and handmade assembly.

Each and every product undergoes individual laboratory testing to ensure the highest quality and durability.

Lampsea’s luminaires can claim to have the world’s smallest size and weight, mainly due to the novelty of the embedded heat dissipation techniques that are implemented over low thermal conductivity metals. These innovations, which rectify thermal throughput on convectional cooling, have been bestowed by the Greek Industrial Property Organization and are currently in the process of international fortification through Wipo.

Lampsea’s products have several inherent advantages that separate itself from the competition:

  • Inclined precision molded body made of stainless steel 316L,
  • IP68 certified for 10 up to 100 meters depth operation,
  • Salt-spray and potention-static compliance to standard ASTM B117,
  • Nitrogen 99.96% purity gas charged LED chamber to eliminate the phenomenon of condensation,
  • Exclusively designed converging Borosilicate lens at only 26mm diameter helps retaining high permeability and corrosion resistance,
  • Single LED emitter or COB for greater water penetration,
  • Precision and innovative sealing deployment at ± .010mm tolerance,
  • Overheat protection,
  • Repairability *. (*depending on model and damage),
  • CE / RoHS.

Indicative use applications such as: Seabed observation, fixed installations on Leisure vessels, fishing boats, Sea-planes runways, Cave lighting, Piracy ship defense, Coast guard chase lights, Industrial and architectural lighting etc.

Lampsea’s cutting edge technology breaks the barrier on limitation for high powered LED luminaires. With our technology, we can design, develop and build any high-powered submersible or not submersible LED luminaire that is individually requested by a customer – at extremely small dimensions and weight.
Referring to industrial high powered LED lighting applications it is emphasized that through Lampsea’s innovative heat exchanging techniques operational costs and calculation of air conditioning installation systems can be greatly reduced, highlighting a 100% environmentally friendly integrated product.